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HEALTHY EATING. "Low Fat Cheesecake"

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This week's healthy recipe is actually a dessert. Many people love to eat dessert, however, they usually feel guilty when they do because they feel as though they are cheating on their diet. Also, a lot of the low fat desserts are generally not as tasty as the regular high calorie desserts and snacks. Today, recipes have changed completely. Now you do not have to sacrifice quality in your desserts. You can have the taste and not feel guilty! However, just because your dessert is low calorie, does not mean you should consume 3 or 4 of you favorite treats. If that does occur, then the purpose of eating a low-fat meal was completely pointless. Below is a recipe for this delicious mouthwatering dessert. Have fun!

HEALTHY EATING TIP! Staying healthy is a matter of discipline and also where and what you decide will be your extra goodies. Most people will buy groceries but forget to include healthy snacks that are readily available. If you stack your refrigerator with healthy snacks "prior" to getting hungry, then the likelihood of you running out to purchase unhealthy fast food or making an unhealthy snack to appease your appetite will be significantly reduced. Also, always drink water. This will alleviate a lot of your sudden urges to gorge on food.  If you are wondering what you can snack on, light foods are always recommended, along with fruits and vegetables. If you are unable to afford these items, feel free to look up healthy substitutes for fruits and veggies or stay tuned to our next healthy tip of the week! Enjoy! 



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