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Empower Your Wellness Journey With These Simple Lifestyle Changes

Empower Your Wellness Journey With These Simple Lifestyle Changes Wellness and self-care are foundational elements for a harmonious existence, blending physical, mental, and emotional health into a cohesive state of being. Setting and achieving wellness goals is vital for a balanced life, allowing you to meet your needs and aspirations with a clear focus. Simple strategies can help you maintain consistency in your pursuit, making it easier to manage daily stresses and challenges. In this article, courtesy of  Redefining The Face  of Beauty , we will explore various methods to enhance your commitment to self-care and wellness. 1. Define Your Path Understanding your personal definition of wellness is essential for embarking on a healthier lifestyle. Start by breaking down your broader goals into smaller, manageable tasks that feel achievable, avoiding the sense of being overwhelmed. Specificity in setting these goals is crucial, as it provides clear direction and focus, making your obj


We are all very similar, but let's be real folks...sometimes those cultural differences can get confusing. Below I have listed a few common things blacks do or say that seem to confuse the heck out of white folks. But do not worry, I have interpreted this horrible mix up...


10: BLACK PERSON: "My legs are so ashy!"

Ashy Larry

INTERPRETATION: When darker skin becomes severely dry, if you take your finger and lightly scratched the surface of the skin, it will leave white flaky marks. Similar to writing in chalk, just on a black persons' skin. This is not a serious skin disorder, all it takes to resolve this issue is a bit of lotion. Caucasians do not become ashy when their skin is dry, however, alligator skin is the common term used to describe their skin when it becomes dry. The picture to the right is a great example of what Ashy looks like.

For additional information please click on the link below to view Dave Chapelle's Ashy Larry:


9. BLACK PERSON: "Child please, did you see that nappy hair???"

WHITE PERSON: "What the heck is nappy?"

INTERPRETATION: People laugh at some of these questions, but some folks just do not understand the different terminology used. This does not make them racist. I have been asked this question plenty of times, but I find it impossible to describe so I decided to post an illustration to your right.

8. BLACK PERSON: "I went to the beach last weekend and had a lot of fun with my family!"

WHITE PERSON: "Black people go to the beach??''

INTERPRETATION: Yes, black people go to the beach. While Caucasians typically leave the beach by nightfall because they can no longer tan, blacks are usually going out to the beach by sundown time to avoid instantaneously becoming 300 shades darker. And it is just too hot!



WHITE PERSON: "Why do black girls always pat their head?"

INTERPRETATION: Black women generally spend a lot of time and effort to achieve the look that they want. So if their head itches, patting it is a way of soothing the itch so that their hairstyle can not be ruin. Constant scratching of the scalp is also discouraged if the woman will be putting chemicals in her hair soon. Scratching can irritate the scalp enough to give them a serious BURNING sensation while she is getting her hair permed. Literally, it will make her scalp feel like it is on fire!


6. BLACK PERSON: "It is too hot outside. I will go out later...maybe after the sun goes down a bit."
Who would miss this?
WHITE PERSON: "How come you never see black people in the daylight, I want to go tanning and the sun is great, Why hide until nighttime.?"

INTERPRETATION: Blacks do come out during the day time, they just avoid the sun. While it may take a Caucasian several hours of laying out in the sun to achieve that perfect redness that may turn into a bronzed look, darker skin usually does not burn, but can easily become much darker within 2 minutes of direct sunlight. There is nothing wrong with being darker, it is just embedded within the black community to stay out of the sun. Never good for the skin.

SIDE NOTE: Asians are very similar to blacks regarding the sun avoidance. It is not unusual to see a person from the Asian culture with a giant umbrella, and long sleeve shirts and pants to protect their skin from the sun.

5. BLACK PERSON: "Man, we had so much fun over the holidays. My family cooked some hog maw, pig feet, collard greens and some good old fried okra."


INTERPRETATION: Just good old fashion soul food. Ask them to invite you over for dinner the next time they decide to have one.

4. BLACK PERSON: "I am so excited....I have been waiting to get this relaxer for so long. I am well overdo."

WHITE PERSON: "You going to the spa?"

INTERPRETATION: If a  black woman says she is getting her hair relaxed, this just means she is getting her hair permed....from curly to straight. As I have mentioned before, these chemicals are extremely damaging for the hair and this process is repeated every 4-6 weeks for many black women, for maintenance.

3. BLACK PERSON: " You have a BIG butt!!"(Better be said by a woman, if not, their may be some consequences).

WHITE PERSON: "So you think I am fat?"

INTERPRETATION: It is the one of the best compliments you can get. Blacks are very proud of their assets. Having a big butt is fantastic! This just means you have a nice body or butt. Caucasians get jealous over people who are a size 0, black women get jealous over the lady who has the bigger rump.

2. BLACK PERSON: "Diaries of a mad black woman." One of my all time favorites!"

WHITE PERSON: "Why are you mad?"

INTERPRETATION: It is a movie created by Tyler Perry. He is a very influential black play writer within America. He has several movies out. I am very aware that many people who are not black are familiar with some of the movies, however, you will be surprised at the number of people who are not. Sometimes the only television show they have watched that included predominately blacks is the Cosby Show. Most Caucasians watch movies with more white actors and do not usually attend any "black movies." And no, "Men In Black" does not count.

It is common that a person will feel more comfortable watching television shows or movies where the people are more similar to themselves. However, I would encourage everyone to step outside of their theater box, you may just find something you like.

1. BLACK PERSON: "I am NOT going in that place...there are too many white people!!!"

WHITE PERSON: "I am NOT going in that place....there are too many black people!!!"



"A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24)."
Written By: Te-Shandra Haskett, MBA

 Thanks for reading!