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HEALTHY EATING! "Memorial Day Recipes & Staying healthy"

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Memorial Day weekend is a United States Federal Holiday that occurs on the last Monday of the Month of May. While most people think that Memorial Day is strictly about food and partying, the significance of Memorial Day is about remembering and honoring those, both men and women, who died while fighting in a war to serve the United States. During this day, some people choose to visit graves, but most people are gathering together with friends or family  and having a great feast. (To learn more about Memorial Day, CLICK HERE).

HEALTHY EATING TIP! Regardless of what your plans are or what country you are from, celebrating any holiday can easily slip you back into your old bad eating habits. A great way to stay healthy and have fun during these exciting moments is by grilling. Many individuals will look at this article and think that this is an obvious answer. While this may be true, many individuals do not understand that there is a healthy way to grill, and a fattening way. To avoid adding extra calories to your meals, check out the following sites:
It is never a great idea to char foods. This is because these areas are often the most concentrated in calories. If you run into charred food, it is best to cut it off and throw it away. To view more healthy tips and what to eat for Memorial Day and other upcoming holidays, view the links under additional information. Enjoy!



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Proverbs 29:11 (KJV)."