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Cellulitis is a serious skin disorder caused when an infection travels to the underlying skin area.  The bacteria, streptococcal (What are Streptococcal Infections?), is the most common cause. Although our skin primarily is supposed to protect us from potentially dangerous bacteria,  Cellulitis may cause an infection in the skin through a cut, sore, or an insect bite. Also, bruises, burns, surgical cuts or wounds can be an entrance in the body for Cellulitis. Also, those who handle foods such as fish, beef, poultry or soil without using gloves, can put themselves at risk for developing this bacteria.  However, some people may still get this bacteria without having a break in the skin. This is mostly elderly people or those who suffer from a weakened immune system. Those who fit in this category are also most likely to get Cellulitis again. The most common area that is affected by this serious skin disorder is on the arms or lower legs, but Cellulitis can be present anywhere. 

Cellulitis can be deadly if not treated properly with antibiotics. Symptoms may include fever and chills, swollen glands or lymph nodes, or a rash with painful  red tender skin.

The bacteria is highly likely to travel to the blood and lymph nodes. It is imperative to seek professional medical attention if you feel that you have been infected with this potentially fatal skin disorder. 

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