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CHILD SKIN DISORDER: Hemangioma of Skin?

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A hemangioma is an abnormal build up of blood vessels in the skin or internal organs that appears as a birth mark. Nearly 30% appear at birth and the rest typically over the first several months of an child's life. This birth mark is typically benign and something that a person does not have to worry about medically. Typically this happens during the first year of life and generally goes away after time. Most of the time, by the age of 10, the hemangioma has gone away. About half of all cases go away by the age of 5 and 90% by the age of 10. There is no way to prevent hemangioma. If a child is affected by this condition, it is usually found around the face and neck in the form of a red or purple raised sore on the skin. It can also have the appearance as a raised tumor or blood vessel. Diagnosing hemangioma requires a physical examination. Depending on the severity, the doctor may require a CT or an MRI may be performed. The three areas that a hemangioma may appear are in the top layer of the skin, deeper layer or both. 

In most cases, hemangioma is not treated because they are usually superficial and are expected to go away on their own. But in rare cases this condition may block vision. This is known as the Carvernous Hemangioma and is treated using oral steroids and injections directly into the affected area. Laser therapy can also be used as well. Complications may include the following (PUBHEALTH).

  • Bleeding
  • Problems with breathing and eating
  • Psychological problems from skin appearance
  • Secondary infections and sores
  • Visible changes in the skin
  • Vision problems

Every birthmark should be seen by a doctor, regardless of the size or texture, just to ensure that the their is not a more immediate problem.



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