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Are you suffering from extreme sweating ? SKIN DISORDERS "HYPERHIDROSIS"

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Hyperhidrosis is a condition where the body sweats profusely, or more then the average person. This excessive sweating, which generally starts around age 13, occurs under the arm, groin area,  palms and soles of feet. This is known as Focal Hyperhidrosis because it occurs only in certain areas of the body. On the other hand, Generalized Hyperhidrosis, indicates that the individual overly sweats on many parts of the body.  Many people who are suffering from this condition may easily slip into depression or try to limit their social life, from fear or embarrassment of their current situation. Some people will not even shake another person's hand.  This is generally because an individual who suffers from hyperhidrosis will generally have very visible sweat stains on certain parts of their clothing. Clothing can also become extremely expensive for those who are suffering from this disorder, since the sweat stains often difficult to remove.

Many people who are sufferers have a strong tendency to believe that there may be something physically wrong with them. However, most of the individuals suffering from hyperhidrosis are very
healthy. Although this is good news, it leaves those dealing with this condition feeling hopeless and at the end of their road. Sweating occurs at all times, however there may be some possible things that trigger excessive sweating, including heat, emotions (stress), obesity, gout, tumors and sometimes (in extremely rare cases) neurologic, metabolic, and other system related diseases. Some are often confused because the condition hyperhidrosis was something that occurred overnight. This may be because some people carry the trait that will occur eventually (aquired traits), while others are born with it (congenital).

In order to help treat this condition, individuals can use over the counter antiperspirants, prescription strength antiperspirants, iontophoresis (use of small electric charges to deliver medicine into the body), oral medication, botox and/or surgery. To learn more about these treatments, please view the following articles below:


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