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Concealer is a type of make-up that is used to cover up dark spots and circles. For those who are familiar with using concealer, they would probably identify with picking out a shade that matches their skin or that may be a little lighter. While this is definitely a beauty must, it is also important to know that an individual can purchase concealer that is white, green or yellow and it can serve purposes that are not well known. Each color concealer has a different effect or purpose for your skin. When choosing a concealer, always keep in mind what you are trying to achieve or cover with your look. Use the following tips below to help guide you find out which one you may be able to use in order to enhance your beauty. Keep in mind that you may need to try different brands as well. Every brand is not for every person. 


  • Reflector of light that should be used with other make-up.
  • Lightens up certain areas of the skin including the colored concealer. 
  • Helps reduce moles or the signs of moles.
  • Can be used to give yourself a natural highlight under the brow bone.
  • Makes a beautiful shade of eye shadow alone or mixed with another shade.
  • White concealer (in powder form especially) can be added to the lips to make them appear fuller. 

  • Can help conceal under eye circles that have a bluish or purplish tint.
  • Hides unnecessary redness on the face.
  • Perfect for those who are suffering from Roscea, scars, acne, or birthmarks.
  • Adds a nice glowing color to areas that may appear pale.
  • Works well on white skin.

  • Primarily used to neutralize any redness that may occur from various skin problems such as broken blood vessels, blemishes and irritation. The green works well against red because in order for a person to correct a certain pigmentation problem, such as red skin, they must use a product or color that is opposite of the particular color problem. 
  • Can be used on any skin tone, as long as it is blended well. 
  • Generally regular concealer can be used for these problems, however, if there are additional issues, try green concealer mixed with your regular make-up routine. 
  • A little goes a long way. 


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