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Nothing lasts forever, including your foundation. There is a point where using the same foundation for a long period of time may actually help irritate your skin and cause more harm than good. Many ladies keep make-up around that they know they will never use, simply because one day they "may" decide to use it. Chances are, if you find a shade of purple eye shadow that you have never opened, or have only used once within the past 365 days, it needs to be thrown away. Also, not cleaning out your make-up can lead to unnecessary hoarding. Below are a few examples of make-up and the respective shelf-life each one generally holds. 

  • Concealer - One year
  • Cream and Gel Cleansers - One year
  • Pencil Eyeliner - 3 years
  • Lip liner - 3 years
  • Eye shadow - 3 years
  • Brushes - Simply need to be cleaned very often with warm water.
  • Lipstick - 1-2 years
  • Mascara - Up to 3 months
  • Nail polish - One year. (ABOUT.COM) 
These are just a suggestion as to when a lady should throw out some of her make-up. However, in many cases, anything that sits around unattended can quickly become a product that does not work as well as it was originally intended to. Also, the type of product that you buy, can shorten the length of days drastically. For example, if you spend one dollar on eye shadow as opposed to purchasing quality eye shadow, this can make the life span of your eye shadow "considerably" shorter.  Before you decide to hold on to make-up that you bought and have not worn for 9 months, it may still be time to get rid of it. If the cost does not outweigh the time span, let it go! Chances are, if it hasn't been used in 9 months, there is no way it will be used within the next 3 months. Also, most people in general are the kings and queens of misplacing products. This means that most of the make-up that a lady probably owns, she simply falls upon it one day and is under the impression that the make-up is not as old as she thinks. Everyone understands that the economy is bad, but don't make yourself spend any additional money on skin care (dermatologists) by trying to get rid of the horrible acne that was caused by using old make-up and skin products. Do not wait a moment longer! CLEAN UP! TODAY IS THE DAY!



"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. — James 1:17 (KJV)."