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Everyone looks forward to the warm and relaxing weather that summer brings. Most people always want to keep their skin looking as smooth as possible for long periods of time. However, with the change of the weather comes unwanted shiny skin, especially for those who are already prone to have a natural shine. Although those who have shiny skin have a youthful glow, it generally does  not look as flawless and flattering as many would like it to be. Shiny skin rarely holds make-up very well and has a high tendency to break-out because the skin is carrying excess oil (SEE ARTICLE BELOW).

The best solution can be finding a great anti-shine product to combat the extra shine on the skin. But, if an individual is not careful, many of these anti-shine products can cause the skin to look very chalky, ashy or patchy. Also, some bad anti-shine products work to the point where the skin is actually completely stripped of too much oil, thus making the skin look even shinier than it was from the beginning. In this case, the skin is usually reproducing oil at a rapid rate  in order to  overcompensate from being overly stripped of all of the oil. The solution to handling oily skin is to educate yourself about what causes oily skin. (SEE ARTICLE BELOW).

Below are a few  highly rated non-greasy products for controlling shine. It is always a great idea to try new products to see what will work for your skin. If you are afraid of having an allergic reaction, try testing the product on another area of the skin, before putting it directly on your entire face or skin. Although, mixing products together can be useful, if you are trying to discover what really works for you, it is highly recommended to stick with a product for a while before you add others. This way you can know for sure which product is working for you. And as always, never hesitate to ask a local beauty advisor in the mall or contact us for more additional information and tips! GOOD LUCK!


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