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National Blood Donor Awareness month was designed to educate people about the importance of giving blood and how It could save another life. During this time, individuals from everywhere are encouraged to donate  blood. According to the Red Cross,  January was chosen as an awareness month because this is a time frame that donations decrease significantly. The need for blood donors are especially significant around this year because of the bad weather and road conditions in the cold. Car accidents increase during the winter and blood donations are needed for the victims. It is estimated that "every two seconds" someone in the United States is in need of blood. However, there are other reasons why blood is needed. These include cardiac patients during surgery, and premature infants who rely on blood donations in order to survive. Many people do not give blood because they are weary of needles, however, in order to decrease fears, individuals should acknowledge that they are saving a life by giving. Also, it is extremely easy for the tables to be turned and one day you or your loved one may need another person's act of kindness by donating blood. If you absolutely feel that you are unable to help or you have health problems that would not qualify you as an individual who can give blood, you can still spread the word to other people by promoting the importance of blood donations through introducing other individuals to the Health Promotion items that are featured below in the additional resources. The standard requirements for giving blood is that you are 17 or older, in good health and weigh at least 110 pounds. To find out where  you can donate blood please view the following:

"So whatever, you wish
 that others would do to you, 
do also to them, for this is 
the Law and the Prophets
 (Matthew 7:12)."

Celebrating Donating Blood in 2013!