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Many people around the world stereotype women who are born naturally brown as being "unattractive." In the United States, unless you are a Caucasian trying to catch a tan, being born a woman of color is considered to not be sexy, beautiful or smart. Every culture has their struggles on this earth, but there is no denying that a woman with brown skin in the eyes of America and many other culture does not hold up to the blond hair blue eyes "perfect" woman. Here at Redefining the Face of Beauty, this is not about who looks better, it is about simply acknowledging and adding to the current recognized beauty. For those of you who struggle with these stereotypes, be brave enough to step out and tell the world that you are beautiful just the way you are. This is not a message just for one race or ethnicity, but for "every" woman who has had severe adversity because she was born a certain way. Below are 20 reasons why "Brown skin is sexy, gorgeous and smart..."

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