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Empower Your Wellness Journey With These Simple Lifestyle Changes

Empower Your Wellness Journey With These Simple Lifestyle Changes Wellness and self-care are foundational elements for a harmonious existence, blending physical, mental, and emotional health into a cohesive state of being. Setting and achieving wellness goals is vital for a balanced life, allowing you to meet your needs and aspirations with a clear focus. Simple strategies can help you maintain consistency in your pursuit, making it easier to manage daily stresses and challenges. In this article, courtesy of  Redefining The Face  of Beauty , we will explore various methods to enhance your commitment to self-care and wellness. 1. Define Your Path Understanding your personal definition of wellness is essential for embarking on a healthier lifestyle. Start by breaking down your broader goals into smaller, manageable tasks that feel achievable, avoiding the sense of being overwhelmed. Specificity in setting these goals is crucial, as it provides clear direction and focus, making your obj


Everyone at this point can acknowledge that the economy is not booming. As a result, millions have suffered losing their job, homes and families. With females already having difficulties getting into a prosperous job field, it is essential for a woman to know the fields that are booming  and a few tips that can help them throughout their career process.
With females earning more college degrees then men, it is absolutely amazing to see that not  only are females paid significantly less than men, but they are not as valued in the work force. The more women who fight to change this statistic in the world, the better it will be for them and future females to come. The best way to get into a job field is not by randomly sending your information online to a bunch of strangers, but it is more about making connections through networking. Check out your community listings for job fairs and seminars. These are quick ways to get your face out there and to let people know that you are serious. Also, join online networking websites such as linked-in, Google plus, etc. We currently live in an in online world. The more you can stay connected, the better your chances will be at becoming successful in achieving your career goals.

Make sure your resume is up to par when job seeking. Be sure to fill in all of your employment gaps. If you decide to  stay at home for a while to care for your children (or for many other reasons)  and suddenly decide to go back to work, you should always make sure that you are still doing volunteer work or something that suggests that you never stopped working. If an employer sees that you have an employment gap and the next person who walks in behind you does not, there is a good chance that you have just eliminated yourself from that particular job position. Regardless of why you had to take a break from working, NEVER allow the employer to see this. A resume is the ONLY indication of how great of an employee you are. And although these things may seem unfair and cruel, this is unfortunately the world that we live in today until it changes.

One primary reason why women are paid less is because females are less likely to negotiate their pay when a job is offered. Know your worth and do not be afraid to ask for more money. Men historically get higher paying job because they negotiate higher. You do not have to be a male to understand how much you deserve to be paid for your work. However, be careful that you are not negotiating too high, especially in today's economy. Remember, there are plenty of people to choose from. Learn to allow yourself to stand out from the rest. Do plenty of research on the position that you are taking and find out how much the average person makes in the field you are looking into per location.

WARNING! After you have received an amazing career choice for you, it is highly possible that the people around you will not be as thrilled as you. Remember, humans are very competitive and they immediately start comparing themselves to you, or someone they feel is doing better than them. Expect this to happen, along with the famous rumors of who you were with physically to climb your way up to the top. Losing friends or prior individuals who were your best buddies is  a strong possibility. However, though all the adversity, remember that you worked hard to get where you are and do not let the pettiness of men or women take your accomplishments from you. 

Below are the top 10 highest paying jobs for women in 2012-2013. While these are all great career goals, make sure that you actually somewhat enjoy what you are doing and that you are not just seeking to make a bigger paycheck.

Annual Estimated Income: $99,000

Annual Estimated Income: $94,000

Annual Estimated Income: $80,000

Annual Estimated Income: $79,000

Annual Estimated Income: $76,000

Annual Estimated Income: $74,000

Annual Estimated Income: $72,000

Annual Estimated Income: $69,000

Annual Estimated Income: $66,000

Annual Estimated Income: $65,000

Great Career Tips for Women!