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Why you dislike your postpartum body and how to embrace it.

If you have had a baby and you do not like your postpartum body then you are not alone. Most women struggle to accept their postpartum body.  But have you ever wondered "why."" "Why do we dislike our postpartum body?" Why is it so hard to accept the difference?" "Why do so many women opt to change it through surgery or other ways that are advertised ?" Below are some of the top reasons why you hate your postpartum body. 5.  Your clothes don't fit the same After you have a baby, oftentimes your clothes  will not fit. Whether you are 6 weeks postpartum or 10 years, your clothing may never fit exactly the same, regardless of how much weight you lose. As a result some women may start to feel like a stranger in their own body. They may not know what clothes will flatter them anymore or how to find new clothes that look great on them. This can lead women to dislike their body. 4. You feel judged by others It is no secret that we live in an era wher


With the economy being  bad, a lot of people are not able to spend as much money on the things they would like to do. But, whether you are dating or married, having fun does not have to cost anything. In fact, if you find that the ONLY time you are having fun is when you are spending money, then this is a serious sign that you love money and not each other. If this is the case and you are married, try to rekindle your romance, but,  if you are experiencing a dry relationship before you decide to tie the not...GET OUT! It only gets worse after marriage.  Drum roll please! The top 5 free dating ideas you have been waiting for. 


Yes, this is not only a free date but romantic as well. Find you and your significant other a spot set away from people and just have a small picnic where the two of you can be completely focused on each other. A park setting would be nice but if you do not have access to a beautiful park, you can literally do the same thing in your own backyard. If you have an apartment, sit on the floor with a blanket and have a picnic. This may sound silly to some people, but hey, you gotta eat. Taking the time out for one another in a different light could just rekindle your relationship. 


They always say that exercising is good for the heart, so why not plan a long walk together. You get the opportunity to exercise and spend some time communicating with your partner. Lack of communication is a huge reason why relationships fail. If you can get this down packed  then you are on your way to building a  solid relationship. Holding hands is important because it is a reminder and symbol of the relationship you both have together. Haven't you seen an older couple hold hands while walking together? Isn't it sweet. 


There is nothing more fun then being next to the person you love and laughing at bad movies. If you really care about someone, even the bad things can turn into something romantic and special. I specified bad because, when it comes to movies (and life) people generally only remember the very good or the really really really bad. 


Yes! This is very fun to do. If you have ever been in a spot where you are constantly seeing people walk by, then that is the place to go. It doesn't have to be anywhere special, it could just be your local mall.You and your partner can have a blast  just counting the bad outfits that people are wearing when they walk by. Try not to be loud  because it can really get you into trouble if you are overheard making a bad comment about that one chick in the leopard pants that you (and she) know she should not be wearing.

Depending on where you live, there can be lots of free museums or classes offered for free. People are usually unaware of these things because they do not take the time to research what is in their own back yard. Learn to appreciate where you live and find the beauty there. Money is tight, however, that does not mean that your relationship has to suffer. When times get hard, this is the ultimate time to stick by each other's side and enjoy life....TOGETHER....

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19)."