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Save money and get into shape by biking during National Bike Month and every month following! National Bike Month is celebrated in May and educates people on the positive advantages to riding a bike. Biking does not only give a person a great cardiovascular workout, but it also saves time, energy and money. Biking can also help the environment because it does not carry the harmful fumes that a car does. Being able to do this can also turn into a fun hobby that is full of exploration and fun. Many people who ride discover pieces of beauty that they often miss if they are riding in a car. Also, biking can bring positive energy and discipline to an individual's life because it can create a sense of loyalty and fulfillment when you get out there and experience something exciting and new. This often comes from the feeling of knowing that you are doing something great for both you and those around you. If you have a bike, this is a great opportunity to utilize it and if you do not, borrow your friend's bike and see how you like riding and feeling the breeze as you coast from one side of town to the next. 

When biking, it is always a great idea to wear a helmet and other protective gear. Falling off a bike can happen to anyone and the reality of suffering a head injury is a high risk when riding a bike. Most people who are prepared for these mishaps can remain completely safe during certain incidences. Also, if you are riding at night, be sure to wear reflective clothing so that drivers can see you. And just as a safety precaution, sometimes it is best to ride a bike with a friend or partner. Riding alone is great, but getting a couple of people together can not only hold you accountable for your new exercise and health routine, but it can also keep you safe from potential predators that may take advantage of you while you are biking alone. If at all possible, try to use bike trails, especially when beginning, however, take the time to learn about the rules of how and where to bike. After all, May is the month of celebration, but, this is a wonderful hobby that can be done after May and wherever you may live at Internationally. Be sure to read the additional information for tips on biking, events, safety and how to choose the right bicycle for you! ENJOY!



"Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly. 
Proverbs 3:34 (KJV)."