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SAY "I DO" MARRIAGE WEEK!!!! "Improving marriages worldwide!"

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The week of the February 7th -the 14th, marks "Say I Do" Marriage Week. This observance day may sound silly to many people, however, with the divorce rates being as high as they are, it is imperative that people recognize marriage and the reality that no marriage is perfect. But if two people want to make their relationship work, it requires pure dedication and most importantly staying away from the word "divorce." "Say, I Do" marriage week was first established in 1997 and its primary aim is to "celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of marriage as the heart of family life (national" If you are married, now is the perfect time to do things to let your significant other know how much they mean to you. If you are on the verge of being married, remember that the key to any healthy relationship is allowing the person to be who they are, accept them, and always remind them of how significant they are in your life. Most of the time, the longer we are with someone, the more we take them for granted. Naturally, most individuals assume that their partner will always be there for them, regardless of what they do. Unfortunately, this  is the mentality that ruins marriages. Although two people within a relationship should try to make it work every single day, sometimes we can use public reminders like this to start fresh in a relationship. In order to enhance your relationship, if you have not gone on a date, make a date night and talk about what made you fall for each other in the beginning. And if you are on the verge of getting married, understand that marriage is a circle. It will never be perfect because the two people who are entering into a union are each imperfect themselves. This is bound to cause problems. And for single individuals, do not rush marriage. Take the time to find a person who is not perfect, but who is a perfect fit for you....