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Why Google matters with your website!

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The ideal of having a personal website has exploded since the internet first became introduced to society. In the current day and age, if an individual claims to own their own business, the first question that a prospective customer would ask is "Do you have a website?" And if you say no, there is an immediate doubt in the customer's mind as to how well your company is doing, or worse, does your company even exist? The online market has taken over traditional brick and morter, and if you do not have a "successful" website, your perceived success and marketability goes down significantly. There are several key pointers a person should recognize if they intend to "start" a "successful" business website and the number one lesson is that GOOGLE matters. 

How many times have you or someone you know replaced the term search with Google. No one searches the internet anymore, they simply just "Google" things. This knowledge alone should change the way you think about the incredible search engine power that Google has today. One primary reason why your website may not be getting the publicity and business it deserves is that you may be focused on having other search engines recognize your website. Yahoo, Bing and are amazing search engines, however, in comparison to Google, a significantly less amount of traffic to any website may come from these search engine. Anywhere from 60-84% of the search engine market share is owned by Google. If a person does thorough research on this information, they may see different percentage variations. This is because research outcomes are always different depending on who does the research and  which variables they use. However, one fact that is consistent is that regardless of what percentage is shown, Google remains to hold the top title as the number one search engine, and this matters! In fact, because Google is known for being a powerful trusted resource, if your information becomes popular on Google, other search engines will begin to pick it up or list it using the information provided by Google. BOTTOM LINE:  If your company is focusing on other search engines for support and to drive significant traffic, then it is time to relax and understand that your attention, for now, should be focused on the biggest worldwide traffic and search engine there is....GOOGLE.

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