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What is sales tax & the 5 states that don't have it!

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Christmas time for those who celebrate it, is one of the most hectic and stressful times of the year. You never know exactly what to buy and with the economy not being in the best position, it can be difficult to find affordable places to shop. Not to mention, sales tax is a killer....well, at least for most of us (VIEW 5 STATES THAT ARE EXEMPT BELOW). Sales tax is the automatic extra money we pay at the time of purchase for a good we buy. This tax can be on clothing, food or any item that you purchase instantaneously. This type of tax is demanded by the state/local government. Retailers are responsible for collecting these taxes at the point of sale and passing it on to the state. The use of sales tax from the government depends on the state. Most states may use revenue for sales taxes for highway maintenance and education. The remainder usually goes to the local government. Certain states and cities may exempt certain items, such as food and medicine. Also, when you make purchases on the Internet, you may be subject to sales tax as well.



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