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Narcissistic Personality Disorder is not a well-known mental disorder, but it does exist and those who live around an individual who possesses the characteristics of NPD should be well educated about this condition. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a severe mental disorder that causes a person to have an inflated ego. If you sat down to think about someone who is egocentric, it would not be that hard to come up with names. However, a person with NPD is so full of themselves that the only thing they do is speak about themselves and their unrealistic accomplishments. They  have a strong desire to be bigger and better then everyone else. If you are not jealous of them, something is wrong with you and this bothers the person suffering with this mental disorder. Likewise, when they brag, they believe that the entire world should compliment them.  Criticism of others is the number one thing that a person with NPD does. They are extremely destructive with their words towards others, believing that these insults will make them look better to those around them. In their world, it is all about them and no one else. 

It is easy to believe that someone with such an inflated personality is completely full of self-esteem, however, behind all of the cruel things they do, they actually have a very poor sense of self worth. Symptoms of NPD include the following (Mayo Clinic):

  • Having a false sense that you are better than everyone else
  • Wanting power and success
  • Exasperating achievements to seek attention from others
  • Needing constant praise
  • Believing that they are more special then others and that they "deserve" special attention
  • Feelings of jealousy
  • Thinking that everyone else is jealous of them
  • Feeling overly hurt during rejection
  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Appearing tougher than what they are

These people are very hard to love and be around, especially since they thrive upon making others unhappy. This mental disorder can lead to divorce and separation from family. If someone suffering from NPD has a child, they may treat their child like a gold; praising the child in front of other people, but behind closed doors they can become a monster. Everything nice they do for others is generally only to make others acknowledge and praise them for their wonderful achievements.  

By now, those of you who are reading this may be thinking that an individual who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder is an evil person, but this is not the case; remember that this is a diagnosable mental illness. This mental illness is very rare, affecting mostly men. People who are suffering from this condition generally have had a past of feeling unwanted, emotional/physical/sexual abuse or learned this behavior from parents.

Narcissistic personality disorder is difficult to treat since it requires the person suffering from the condition to admit that they have a problem. A person with NPD, in their mind, is perfect. Most spouses or partners of someone with this disorder eventually end up seeking counseling for themselves. Many of these cases end up in divorce and children grow up and may even sever the relationship with the parent in order to salvage their self-esteem and future goals. If it were up to the person with NPD, they would control everyone around them. 

If you or a loved one may be battling Narcissistic Personality Disorder, there is hope. Encourage your loved one to seek help or "attention." You will also need to go through counseling to understand techniques to help you to reverse many of the abusive words.


Not treating NPD can result in alcohol/drug abuse, domestic/child abuse, and/or suicide. Please see your local psychiatrist for more information. 

Understanding NPD!