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Empower Your Wellness Journey With These Simple Lifestyle Changes

Empower Your Wellness Journey With These Simple Lifestyle Changes Wellness and self-care are foundational elements for a harmonious existence, blending physical, mental, and emotional health into a cohesive state of being. Setting and achieving wellness goals is vital for a balanced life, allowing you to meet your needs and aspirations with a clear focus. Simple strategies can help you maintain consistency in your pursuit, making it easier to manage daily stresses and challenges. In this article, courtesy of  Redefining The Face  of Beauty , we will explore various methods to enhance your commitment to self-care and wellness. 1. Define Your Path Understanding your personal definition of wellness is essential for embarking on a healthier lifestyle. Start by breaking down your broader goals into smaller, manageable tasks that feel achievable, avoiding the sense of being overwhelmed. Specificity in setting these goals is crucial, as it provides clear direction and focus, making your obj


At some point in our lives we will leave this earth. None of us are quite sure how and it scares most of us to think of the unknown.  However, if you are looking for someone who has great endurance and strength, it is generally those who are sick, ill and going though immense pain, either now or throughout their life. 

"Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5),"

During a person’s darkest hour they generally forget about all of the material things of the world. Since most of us are used to  walking, running and jumping, a person who is very sick has come to the realization to accept things how they are and many times are gracious for whatever they are given. Often times, the sick and dying are neglected, not because people are horrible, but  because people do not like to face the possibility of  their own mortality.

Strength is not shown when a person is never able to ask for help. Strength is not even shown when we pretend things in life are great. Strength is the complete opposite. A strong person:

  • Is not afraid to shed a tear. " Jesus Wept" John 11:35).
  • Stops caring about the criticisms of other people and ask for help in spite of it.
  • Recognizes that life is short and they “seize the moment.”
  • Understands they have many people who are against them, but they are willing to let the world know their life struggles, just for the chance of saving one life.
  • Leaves their pride behind, without noticing it. "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before the fall (Proverbs 16:18)." 

Of course these rules do not apply to everyone and this is not about religion, politics, race or nationality. Suddenly being stripped of everything you thought was yours is a life changing experience.  True strength comes when you throw in the towel and say I cannot do this alone anymore, I need help.  

"That is why for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults and hardships in persecutions in difficulties. For when I am weak, than I am strong(2 Corinthians 12:10)."

PSALMS 23: 1-6
Written By: Te-Shandra Haskett, MBA

I am sorry to both the sick AND the family members. 
 But, understand and there are people who care.

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