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Whether you have long hair, short hair or no hair, wigs are the newest fashion statement. Not only are celebrities wearing wigs, but now "many" people are jumping on this newest trend for several different reasons. Wigs can provide versatility to your hairstyle "without" damaging your hair. Extensions such as sew in's glue and tape ins and so much more have been known to damage an individual's natural hair. Also, if a person would love to dye their natural hair a different shade to see what it would look like, they could easily try on a wig, with no risk! If they hate it, they can take it off and try on a new look without going through the traumatic experience of keeping a hairstyle that they hate for months. Thinking about becoming a blonde? Don't risk it before trying on a beautiful wig! Also, if you happen to be going through chemotherapy or is your hair not healthy from all of the chemicals that you have put on it. Do not fear, and try a wig.

Unlike years ago, wigs are looking as natural as ever. There are parts in the wig which make the hair appear extremely natural and have the appearance that the hair is growing out of your scalp. Another great advantage is that your hair always has a perfect appearance and if  rains, then an individual does not have to stress about completely dodging from the weather. 

There are two main types of wigs. Synthetic and Human Hair. Synthetic wigs are cheaper while Human Hair wigs can be more costly but last longer. Many enjoy Synthetic hair because they are easier to maintain as opposed to Human Hair wigs, which is similar to taking care of your natual own hair. 

Whatever your needs are, they can be met by choosing the right wig. The most effective way to try a new look is to go to your local wig store and try on some samples. In addition,  you can also buy wigs online. The downside to being adventurous and purchasing them online is that you never know how the style will look on you. Returning a wig can be extremely difficult after the package has been opened.  If you find a store that sells wigs, you can always write down the information about the wig (including brand name and model number) and find the item online for a fraction of the cost. You can find a wig store close to you by googling "beauty supply" or "wigs". The links below are a few places online where you can purchase fabulous wigs in various  styles, regardless of your ethnicity and skin tone. 

Also, lace wigs are extremely popular. When they first came out, many people were damaging their hair because they were using glue to attach the wig to their scalp. Now, if a person chooses to wear a lace front, they can purchase a wig cap and not use glue because most of the lace front wigs now come with hair clips that can easily attach to a wig cap.

How to apply a lace front
(No glue or Tape!)

How to make a wig 
look more natural!

Before you make a purchase, be sure to watch the following video to understand the difference between full and frontal lace wigs, and more!! And if you have any additional questions, please feel free to email Redefining The Face of Beauty staff.  Good Luck! 

Photos of Natural looking wigs!! 


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