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Popular fiction authors for Gals to try

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This is a new year and it is time to try new things. For those individuals who love to read but do not know who to choose, below are 20 authors that are well known for their novels. From love stories, to drama and mystery, each of these authors are different and out of these, one is likely to find a great match. However, if you do not like the following novel ideas, there are amazing websites such as Good Reads. Com that is designed to help you find the book of your choice. Sign up for free to find your next favorite read. Also, if you are a future author in the making, this is a great place to socialize with people that have similar interest and a wonderful place to promote your new novel. As always, check back with Redefining the Face of Beauty for your latest updates on fantastic book entertainment! Good luck on your new book endeavors and  have a wonderful New Year!

  1. Ann Rule (non-fiction crime writer, but fiction style)
  2. Belva Plain
  3. Danielle Steel
  4. Judith Michaels
  5. Jodi Picoult
  6. Jane Green
  7. Janet Evanovich
  8. Jackie Colllins
  9. Jennifer Weiner
  10. Jennifer Cruise
  11. Karen Robarbs
  12. Katherine Stone
  13. Lori Foster
  14. Nora Roberts
  15. Nicholis Sparks
  16. Rachel Gibson
  17. Elin Hilderbrand
  18. Emily Giffin
  19. Sidney Sheldon
  20. Sophie Kinsella


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