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BEWARE: The dangers of the world of art!

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There are good and bad people, but unfortunately for many young ladies, they are more than likely going to run into a  few "bad" guys before they get towards their career destination. If you have not figured out what I am speaking about now, I am talking about any female who is an aspiring, model, actress, singer or virtually any promising career in the arts. Most of these areas are dominated by men and if you are not careful, you can find yourself caught up in a world full of deceit, with promises that were never true. The "entertainment" industry is filled with people who can talk the talk, but at the end of the day, they have not accomplished many goals at all.  With some men, their extra time is used to lure and manipulate women into having sex or becoming their little followers. When you really think about it, what better way to get a female  (or male) to do exactly what you want than  leading another person to believe that without you, they will be nothing. If they can brainwash you then they can easily get you into far worse situations such as prostitution or  human trafficking.

Some people may read this and shake their heads in disbelief and say "these things don't happen and could never occur to me." This is the same mentality that leads to personal destruction. If you are a human being and you desire something with all your heart, it is not difficult to meet someone who appears upstanding and you may be tempted to follow that person because you feel that you have finally found your way in. I am writing this as a caution to ANY young girl who has dreams of "any" kind of career in the arts. Be careful! Sometimes people are not what they seem. You WILL run into phonies, deceivers and manipulators, however, if you stick with your morals then can  brush it off and go somewhere else. Remember, there are a lot of people in your particular career field to choose to work with. Contrary to what those people would like you to believe, there are more roads to reach the end, then just one. 


  • If you have a meeting set up to meet someone, bring a buddy!
  • Never drink anything that is offered to you.
  • If a person is constantly switching the conversation to personal, walk out of the door. You are not there for a relationship, but for your career goals. Stay focused!
  • Check the person's credentials.
  • Hold your head high. People tend to try to take advantage more of those who appear younger and more timid.
  • Before you have a meeting, find out what you are trying to accomplish to avoid getting off topic.
  • If someone makes you feel uncomfortable GET OUT!
  • Never be afraid to report unusual behavior. Save the next person from harm.
  • Do not sign any legal documents, without the presence of a lawyer.
  • Do not run into the modeling scams where YOU have to pay to be the model. If you are a model, THEY PAY YOU! READ: MODELING SAFETY TIPS!
  • Trust your instincts!
  • Don't give up! If one door closes, two more will open.