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The children of Guatemala are beautiful, but unfortunately  many of them are living in a poverty with little to eat or drink. Guatemala is a country located in Central America. Their land is bordered by Mexico, Belize, the Carribean Sea, Honduras and El Salvador. Most of their profit comes from their fertile land. Although there are about 20 other different languages that are spoken in Guatemala, Spanish is the primary language that is widely used.  Guatemala is filled with beautiful volcanoes and scenery; however, in spite of the beauty that lies within this land, Guatemala remains to be one of the most violent places in the world. Tourists have to remain very cautious of being mugged, shot and even killed for any valuable items that they may have. Foreigners should be very cautious of any strange areas, which include avoiding being high-jacked by not using  public transportation at night time. It is strongly advised that if you are planning to take a trip to Guatemala, do thorough research and discover which zones to stay out of. Also, there are several poor areas, in which the living conditions include sleeping on a  mat. This is a country that in some places water is a luxury and only the families that are not located in the rural areas get to enjoy electricity. 56% of the population is below the poverty line.

Because of the poor conditions, many children have been forced into prostitution, child pornography and Human Trafficking (see article for more information). There has been a major push to try to change this outlook for many of the innocent victims, however, as of today, all of these attempts have failed. Education is mandatory in the land of Guatemala,  but children  do not receive the education that they need because they live in rural areas where there is no access to a local school. Transportation is not readily available or affordable to the average Guatemalan.  Many people will force their children to act as servants doing household tasks or outside in the fields. Nearly half of all Guatemalan children suffer from mal-nutrition.  To learn more about the culture of Guatemala please visit:



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