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WHAT NOT TO WEAR...For the love of God, "Curvy Gal"

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Usually when I seek out clothing I try very hard to find outfits and stores at an affordable price. Clothes and accessories can be downright expensive and yes, we have all the answers to what you should wear from A-Z. One of the number one complaints that I hear from women who have curves is that there is nothing in their size. Well, this is only partially true. If you have curves then you will probably find everything extra tiny, however, if you had a thin figure then you would find  clothing made mostly for women with a bit more curves. Some call this fate, I like to personally describe it as God's sense of humour.
Generally when there is a store, you should always stop by the sale or clearance items, especially as the seasons are changing. Many retail clothing stores are bringing in the "new" and trying to get rid of the old.  You can find something nice in every store....usually.

There were two specific stores on the A list that literally everything was over priced and hideous. Since I do not like to specifically point out names, I will just show you a few of the featured items and if you happen to cross their websites...I would probably think twice before clicking the add button, or even worse, putting it on your wish list.


Whether you are skinny, curvy or whatever shape you define yourself, these tights are a NO NO! They are formed to show every lump, bump and cracks on your body. It would not matter how "perfect" you are, wearing metallic leggings is NOT the answer to your problems. Unless you are the mannequin (which by the way is showing lumps, bumps and creases), it is strongly advised to not wear metallic leggings...and going purple is seriously just taking it too far.



This outfit honestly looks like someone decided to take their curtains and sew together an unbelievably hideous dress. It resembles something between a lion and a tiger. As I said before, normally I do not like to insult the designers, however, sometimes designers love to make curvy gal clothing into something that is not fit for ANYONE to wear.

Just because the colors are all matching, does not mean it is not considered tacky. In the picture featured above, there are just way too many things going on. From the dark black boots, to the pink tights, and the plaid  there is too much going on. Who knows what is going on here? However, if you have a middle that is a little thicker than you desire, BLACK IS NOT ALWAYS THE ANSWER. 

No, it is not your imagination, this outfit really will make any person have no shape. If you look more closely, you will notice that it is nearly impossible to tell where her bust line is. Any outfit that you choose, should DEFINE your waist, bust and curves. If you put something on that looks like one straight line, this is NOT very flattering. Not to mention, the winded and high waist pants is not a great look for most people.
Did someone decide to wear their robe to work this morning????

BOTTOM LINE: If you have curves, you can be modest at the same time while showing them off. Wearing things that appear three sizes too big on you and trying to hide yourself behind clothes, will only make you appear bigger. These are not flattering looks for anyone and if I mentioned the prices of these outfits, I am quite sure some of you reading this would probably fall out.
Written By: Te-Shandra Haskett, MBA