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Why you dislike your postpartum body and how to embrace it.

If you have had a baby and you do not like your postpartum body then you are not alone. Most women struggle to accept their postpartum body.  But have you ever wondered "why."" "Why do we dislike our postpartum body?" Why is it so hard to accept the difference?" "Why do so many women opt to change it through surgery or other ways that are advertised ?" Below are some of the top reasons why you hate your postpartum body. 5.  Your clothes don't fit the same After you have a baby, oftentimes your clothes  will not fit. Whether you are 6 weeks postpartum or 10 years, your clothing may never fit exactly the same, regardless of how much weight you lose. As a result some women may start to feel like a stranger in their own body. They may not know what clothes will flatter them anymore or how to find new clothes that look great on them. This can lead women to dislike their body. 4. You feel judged by others It is no secret that we live in an era wher


According to many sources rumour has it that there is only ONE standard of beauty for British gal's. Well, we have the inside scoop and the facts. Apparently there are several different types of British beauties and many are hardly noticed by the public media. In fact, some of the people who are listed below are mistaken for American or from another country. The sad truth is that many British ladies are not known for their beauty. Whenever anyone looks at a beautiful gal, their first thought is not that they are from the United Kingdom. Now, all of the lovely British beauties can take a breather because finally many are added in the chapters of Redefining the Face of Beauty. And of course, there were so much more...