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Why you dislike your postpartum body and how to embrace it.

If you have had a baby and you do not like your postpartum body then you are not alone. Most women struggle to accept their postpartum body.  But have you ever wondered "why."" "Why do we dislike our postpartum body?" Why is it so hard to accept the difference?" "Why do so many women opt to change it through surgery or other ways that are advertised ?" Below are some of the top reasons why you hate your postpartum body. 5.  Your clothes don't fit the same After you have a baby, oftentimes your clothes  will not fit. Whether you are 6 weeks postpartum or 10 years, your clothing may never fit exactly the same, regardless of how much weight you lose. As a result some women may start to feel like a stranger in their own body. They may not know what clothes will flatter them anymore or how to find new clothes that look great on them. This can lead women to dislike their body. 4. You feel judged by others It is no secret that we live in an era wher


Beauty has existed in many different forms since the beginning of time, yet the media constantly pushes the same image of what beauty is suppose to be. If the average person did a search for beautiful women, it would likely not include all of these women featured below. It is usually separated according to race and ethnicity. Redefining the Face of Beauty has decided to randomly choose beautiful women and show the world what beauty would look like without color. Although this is not a representation of every single type of beauty that exists in the world, this was designed to allow people to understand that the shade of a person's skin has little to nothing to do with how gorgeous you can be. Not only is beauty something that radiates from the inside out, but regardless of how dark, light or medium your skin tone may be, you can still be beautiful and be you!
SIDE NOTE: To learn more about these beauties, click on the names to bring you directly to a brief biography! Be sure to watch the tips on how to feel sexy!!!





"So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day