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Why you dislike your postpartum body and how to embrace it.

If you have had a baby and you do not like your postpartum body then you are not alone. Most women struggle to accept their postpartum body.  But have you ever wondered "why."" "Why do we dislike our postpartum body?" Why is it so hard to accept the difference?" "Why do so many women opt to change it through surgery or other ways that are advertised ?" Below are some of the top reasons why you hate your postpartum body. 5.  Your clothes don't fit the same After you have a baby, oftentimes your clothes  will not fit. Whether you are 6 weeks postpartum or 10 years, your clothing may never fit exactly the same, regardless of how much weight you lose. As a result some women may start to feel like a stranger in their own body. They may not know what clothes will flatter them anymore or how to find new clothes that look great on them. This can lead women to dislike their body. 4. You feel judged by others It is no secret that we live in an era wher

These laddies are both stunning, however, I was not referring to them. When people view America the stereotype of beauty is Caucasian, blue eyes and blond.
 There are many blond bombshells, but, it is not the only beauty that exists. The harsh reality is that America continues to brand the symbol of "beauty" using specific images. Beauty is much more than skin deep, but young adults are often taught to believe that if they do not look like this, they are not beautiful. Unfortunately, young women  compare themselves to these false standards. As a country, America has failed to acknowledge that beauty is not only skin deep, but  it includes many more ethnicity's.

If you are reading this and you think that this is another "black is beautiful" are wrong.  Although, black females have been advertised as some of the most unattractive women, they are not the only victims to cruelty. Hispanic women are amongst those who are widely criticized, particularly Mexican women.
In America and many other countries, Mexicans are treated as second class citizens. Even within the Hispanic race, Mexicans have the reputation of being "the lowest." They are viewed as "dirty" and only good enough to "work in your backyard" or "picking fruit." If you stand up for a Mexican and say they are "beautiful" it is  considered an abomination. Well, I guess I am about to commit the greatest abomination of all time, but first education and knowledge are the keys to help stop the "horrible" racism that affects people of every ethnicity. Prejudice arises from ignorance. We fear what we do not know or understand.


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In recent years, Mexico has been considered one of the most violent and dangerous countries to visit. Americans have been strongly advised to stay out of Mexico. There has been an epidemic of drug wars and gang related deaths. Today, the same trouble exists, and Mexico is facing a harsh reality of change with the new presidential debate that is going on within their country.

"What does this information have to do with me?"


If you catch yourself thinking this, my answer is "EVERYTHING!" We have plenty of Mexicans that are in our country. Whether you believe they "belong" over here or not, is not the issue. What has become inappropriate, is the treatment of Mexicans as property or suggesting that a "class" of people are not as good as you because of their ethnicity. Before you shake your finger at the white man,  Caucasians are not the only race who are guilty of this, EVERYONE is. While we are quick to cry racist, many of us have failed to understand that we often treat other cultures in the same "bad" way we are treated.

Perhaps the key to changing the way people view your culture, is to change the way you think about those outside of your ethnicity. Ask yourself one question:

"Why  should a person expect to be treated equally, when they are victimizing other cultures in a similar manner?"

They should not!

 Change the way you view others, and maybe others will change the way they view you. Racism and prejudice stems far beyond black and white. It is a worldwide problem that exists from ignorance. Thoughts like these also create unrealistic views of "everyone." The results can be devastating and deadly....  

If you have not heard the latest on the ignorant confusion that took the innocent lives of others, here is your opportunity. 

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Mexicans are actually beautiful. For the ladies out there who feel that the following pictures are sexually explicit or inappropriate, I would question if it is a matter of "having respect for yourself" or a lack of confidence because you feel intimidated by the beauty of other women.  I encourage other women to stop hatred. Stop degrading yourself because you don not feel beautiful. Confidence is SEXY! BE CONFIDENT!
 Also,  before anyone is quick to judge and say, well these ladies are photoshopped or not a representation of the "actual" culture, please feel free to email me a major magazine that did not use photoshop on ANYONE....

Stay tuned for things you may not know about Mexico!
Yes, I am celebrating Mexicans and it is not Cinco De Mayo!

Ladies, there is a special surprise for you as well!

Blanco Soto
Born: January 5, 1979
Height:  5' 10"
A Mexican actress, model,
and former beauty queen

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Anahí Giovanna Puente Portilla
Born: May 14, 1983
Nationality: Mexican
Singer, Songwriter, Actress


Salma Hayek
A Mexican-American film actress,
director and producer.
Born: September 2, 1966
Height: 5' 2"

Salma Hayek information!

Elsa Benitez
A Mexican model
"Sports Illustrated"
Born: December 8, 1977
Height: 5' 10"


 Jacqueline Bracamonte
  A Mexican actress, model
and former winner of Nuestra Belleza México
Born:December 23, 1979
Height: 6' 0"

Daniela de Jesus Cosio
A Mexican fashion model a
nd former beauty pageant contestant.
Born: January 11, 1986
Ethnicity: Mexican
Height:  5' 11"



Martha Higareda
Mexican actress
Born: August 24, 1983
Height: 5' 3

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Gabriela Palacio Diaz de Leon
Born: March 28, 1989

Nationality: Mexican
Height: 5 ft and 11 inches

Estados Unidos Méxicanos

  • Primary Language: Spanish
  • Primary Religion: Roman Catholics
  • Population: 112,336,000
  •  Ethnicity's in majority: Amerindian-Spanish people
  • Capitol: Mexico City
  • Currency: Mexican Peso
  • Most popular form of music: "ranchera".
  • The second largest economy in Latin America!
  • Economy is based on selling: corn, soybeans, rice, wheat, cotton, coffee, tomatoes, fruit
  • Violence has taken a high toll on Mexico, mainly from wars between rival drug cartels.
  • 10 percent of Mexicans are wealthy.
  • 30 percent are middle class
  • 60 percent of Mexicans are poor,
  • National Anthem:"Mexicanos, al grito de Guerra" that can be interpreted as "Mexicans, at the cry of battle".
  • “Pluricultural nation” word used to describe Mexico's diversity.


Map  on the left is a preview of the major cities in Mexico.
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Aaron Díaz
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Selena Perez
Mexican-American Singer-Songwriter

Selena Quintanilla-Perez was born April 16th 1971. She was a rising role model for young Mexican girls everywhere. Selena was the "Top Latin Artist Of The 90's". Her career ended tragically at the age of 23, when she was murdered by Yolanda Saldviar. Even at a young age, Selena marked a turning point in Americans recognizing the amazing talent and beauty within the Mexican culture.

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Written By: Te-Shandra Haskett, MBA







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