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The month of October is "Talk About Prescriptions Month". This awareness outreach focuses on consumers being safe in regards to taking prescriptions. If taken the wrong way, prescription medication can be even more deadly than the use of non prescription medication. Many people are under the false impression that, because a drug is prescribed by a doctor, it is okay to use the drug in any particular manner. However, this remains inaccurate. Prescription drug use can be just as harmful, dangerous and powerful as any other drugs. "Talk about Prescriptions Month" encourages people to get educated, change their thinking and spread their knowledge. Also, each individual should be aware of the 3 R's for Safety Medicine use. According to the National Council on Patient Information and Educaton ( NCPIE) , these include the following:

  • Risk - recognize that all medicines (prescription and nonprescription) have risks as well as benefits; weigh these risks and benefits carefully for every medicine you take.
  • Respect - respect the power of your medicine and the value of medicines properly used.
  • Responsibility - take responsibility for learning about how to take each medication safely (

Education is always the key to prevent a tragedy from happening, due to the misuse of drugs. Always talk to your doctor if you have any questions regarding the use of your medication. In addition, use the resources around you, this includes doing your own research. To view more information regarding this cause, please review the additional information section:



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